The Internet has Evolved...

Back then, the rules are simple..

Install your anti-virus, 
Don’t click on anything sketchy,
don’t open random downloaded files.

As the learning moves online, it opens up a window of opportunity..
From minor mischief to stolen identities, information leaks, randomware etc.

[Covid19 / WFH Edition]

The Complete Guide To Hackproofing:
Online Safety & Precaution For Teachers And Students

Moving from offline to online is exhausting.

Learning how to properly use tools with security in mind is exhausting.

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But if you don’t take any preventive measures,
 you may end up to be a victim in the news for a day or 2..

What's At Risk?

I made a quick google search,
and found tons of headliners in
a couple minutes.

And these are just the ones
being reported on Google News!

  • Location leaked
  • Threats made
  • Zoom call hacked
  • Exposing Explicit photos
  • Ransomware
  • DDoS
Here are some headlines I found from a quick google search..

Are There Implications?

It always feel like a hassle,
till it's your turn in the ditch.

Being hacked,
can quite literally cost you.
Financially, Mentally & Emotionally.

You are at risk of..

  • Identity Fraud
  • Catfishing / Impersonation
  • Doxxing
  • Lost of funds
  • Personal photos/Info Leaked
  • Blackmail

    And if doesn’t just stop there..

Risk Index: What to look out for?

The WFH situation has enabled more vulnerability/points of attack.

From password, folders & open access chat groups and more.

Things like repeated passwords, downloading files from unknown sources for work as well as phishing.

Here are some resources we recommend!