Hackproofing is built as a part of the #T30 challenge by Makerpad,
as well as a project i have putting off for a while.

And set aside again, but restarted it in June 2021!

With the world moving online from the pandemic,
and the frequency of people getting hacked has exploded.

Just search on twitter: “I got hacked”.

Why is this important to you?

I know how difficult it is, learning security & tech-y stuff.
It’s hard to understand and learn as an outsider to the industry.

But I paid my price on skipping out on the essential.

When I ran a network of twitter accounts, spanning over 2 million followers.

I have been hacked, phished, bruteforced, scammed, social engineered. 
Constantly living in fear that I might lose my account(s).

Eventually, Twitter purged most of the parody accounts,
 and that’s that.

When I got into crypto in 2017,
I have known history will repeat itself,
and I took the time to educate myself and decided it’ll be good to share these with others as well.